Rainbow On A Mission is a team, with a revolving cast of characters. Maria is the head of Rainbow On A Mission, supported by Don my beautiful and creative assistant! Other friends join from time to time to help a mission come to life. Marbling is only possible through the help of our friends and we find Tie dye done as group projects creates patterns and colors truly better than the sum of their parts and brings people together.  

Covering the Rainbow spectrum of colors is a goal in many of my designs, though restricted color custom pieces are encouraged and I learn much from them.   Custom pieces allow for me to take that person’s flow into account and create them something specially for them.

I enjoy creating handmade articles with love and sharing that love with others.  This is the basis for my philosophy of shareable art – cards, clothing, curtains, sewn bags, etc.  The process of marbling is the ultimate sharing of creation and we enjoy bringing this experience to people where possible!