Skull & Roses 2 – Ventura

We had a great time at the Skull and Roses festival sharing Marbling with everyone!  We ended up marbling about 50 bandannas with people of all ages!  It was a joyous experience for all involved!  Little ones learned about an ancient art and older ones appreciated experiencing an art they may not have seen in several years.
The weather provided challenges for us but nothing we could not overcome.  The rain stayed away and we had a beautiful weekend for interactive art.
The display of colors inspired others to create their own and it was a changing art piece in itself as new ones were made and dry ones moved to make room for the new creations.


A few creations were left with me at the end of the festival.  Below are the bandannas that were left with me.  If you see it below and would like it, please message me and I will be happy to send it to you!  In a week or so I will consider bandannas left with me as donations to Rainbow On A Mission and will create something from them to continue to spread the color to others.

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